I discovered a good way to get a freeway tailgater to back off.  I reach up and slowly, slowly, with exaggeration adjust my rear view mirror, knowing that the other driver can see my raised arm through my back window.

Usually this ploy will cause the other car to slow down and put some space betrween us.  Does the other driver think that I am an off-duty cop, carefully monitoring  his poor driving?  Or does he think I’m trying to see myself in the mirror and can’t find my face?  Perhaps he thinks I’ll get behind him and turn off at his off ramp and “off” him? Whatever.  This tactic seems to work.  I used it just a few minutes ago on my way home from the grocery store.

And no, thank you very much, I am not a slow old geezer driver;  I go the speed of everyone else ahead of me.

Let’s invent a stinkbug-vomit bomb that attaches to the trunk of our cars and automatically spurts out a gooey,  miasmic stench that adheres to the car behind. Without obstructing the other driver’s vision, the stinky stuff has to stick like glue so other drivers will know by the smell that this particular driver is a chronic tailgater puke.  Imagine, he won’t even be able to go through a fast-food drive-through without making everyone inside throw up.  His wife and kids will shun him, not to mention the parking-lot attendant–but the dog will love to go bye-bye.

Short of provoking road rage or a horrible accident, what do you do to cure another driver of tailgating?