I know that I’m not supposed to be deepening my laugh wrinkles by guffawing at Two and a Half Men at my age, but I just can’t help myself because Jon Cryer is so funny: his eyes, his facial expressions, his postures–right down to his prissy fingertips.

So, I, the queen, was not amused when Alec Baldwin won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series instead of Jon Cryer.

Oh, yeah, I watch Alec Baldwin in Thirty Rock also, and he’s funny, too, depending on the script.  One of the best things I can say about Baldwin, however, is what a handsome man he is. Take a look at Baldwin in the movie The Getaway with Kim Basinger and see an utterly breathtaking, drop-dead gorgeous male human. Watch him in The Marrying Man, too.

This hunk is also an excellent actor as seen in the movie The Edge with Anthony Hopkins.  But . . .

Jon Cryer is funnier in every single episode of Two and a Half Men whether playing the cheap-guts miser, the jackass master of all things gauche, or the guy tasered in the hallway. He’ll do it all to be funny: sit on the toilet, run around in his jockeys, wear a shower cap while exposing his soft chest. Because he is less handsome than Baldwin or Sheen, Cryer is even funnier–and handsome to me.

And who decides these awards?  Somebody deaf, dumb, and blind–with the funny bone of a Nazi prison marm?

And no, my opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t like much of what Baldwin opines from his own brain, when he is not uttering fabulous dialog  put in his mouth by some writer’s witty words.  Alec, God looked down on your acting family of four brothers and anointed you with most of the handsome genes and the acting talent.  Isn’t that enough?.

When Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, I thought the show was doomed  Then I realized that Cryer is the guts of the show, and Alan Harper the mooch wasn’t moving out soon.

I’ll cry for you Argentina–err Jon Cryer–the truth is this fan never left you. Thanks for the laughs–I’ll just buy more anti-wrinkle cream.