I just heard on the radio that scientists now say that there are BILLIONS of planets in the Milky Way.  Do you remember yesterday when we fatuously believed that we were the only ones in this vast blackness?

Well, I’m trying to learn to blog, and so far I am standing at the edge of the vast blackness of the internet wondering if there is anyone out there?  I hope so.  I don’t really care what you look like or what kind of alien you might be. You could breathe through stomata like a plant or chew your food with pebbles in your craw like a bird.  Just have something to opine, to praise or to condemn cause I’m tired of the silence in my life. I swear I will send a present to the first person who comments on my blog.

FYI, I was one of the creatures in Men in Black but have decided to hide my identity and pass among you.  The distance of the internet will protect you from the suckers along my arms and the baleen behind my ears.  Blog home.